Tikki Troll Warrior IV


They saw it ride out … a monster on a monstrosity. Some froze, most ran.

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Tikki Trolls inhabit hot, humid, and inhospitable environs stripped of life and beauty. These beast are always hungry and will eat anything that moves. Cursed with incredible regenerative powers their bodies bud strange and horrific mutations. A tribe will have a small cadre of arachnid riders that are both feared and reviled. Read More

All heads, arms and accessory pieces are interchangeable between Tikki Troll sets!

Name: Tikki Troll Warrior  IV
Product Code: MAHHMN01D
Related Names:  None
Company: Mortal Arrow
Sculptor: Paul Muller
Date Completed: August 27, 2017
Scale: True 28mm
Material: Metal
Size: 38mm tall
Base Size: 40mm
Packing: Ziplock Bag
Figures: 1
Pieces: 8
Alternate Pieces: 2 right arms, 2 left arms, 1 accessory
Weight: 1.0 oz

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Weight 1 oz