An ornery brownie by the name of Mortal Arrow lived a simple life reading … painting his small trinkets … scribbling notes from time to time. A gnomic minaret was his home in the arid hills far to the south of the erudite city-state of Waitoshi. For many years he lived peacefully with little thought of the future. But something lurked in the folds of his fae brain. He longed for something a bit more.

Founded by this cantankerous brownie, the goal of his enterprise is to tell a story of his home world of Veldon. He hopes you find this milieu fun to explore. Mortal Arrow relies upon a group of adventurous henchmen, whose responsibility it is to help build the fantiverse of Veldon. They work hard to offer plenty of background information, and playability tips, without tilting too much to any one gaming system.

Like any establishment that plans to be around awhile, we need to generate coin. These profits come from the physical products that are developed, made or sold by Mortal Arrow. Our Bazaar can be found in the heart of Waitoshi’s merchant district where the shelves are lined with finely-cast metal models lovingly referred to as Figurines of Wondrous Power. These master works come directly from the forges at Fractured Dimensions. Soon we will be adding Bricks of the Titans resin terrain sets. So we invite you to browse this ‘fantiverse”, take a look at our goods, and see if the contents can help expand your game table experience.

In the words of our dear friend Lin’Chi “the amoral Firbolg”:

Mortal Arrow is a gnome-kin
With a story vast and bold,
And he won’t let us rest
Until it’s all been told.
So gather ’round and listen,
And tell stories of your own.
Figurines of Wondrous Power
Sit in his cellar all alone.
Just please buy them quickly,
So we can all go home!

A Band of Nerdlings

Lin’Chi (aka Nathan Lynch)

Lin’Chi has honed his literary chops by immersing himself in the writings of everything fantastical and futuristic. Responsible for the bulk of translation and creative development for this fantasy universe, Lin’Chi studies at the great Academy of Waitoshi. As a Firbolg monk, he has been sent on a charge to learn everything there is to know about the world of Veldon and its Seven Corners. He is currently studying the Orders of Pan Tang Sorcery – achieving Order 8 – Dimensionality. Though smallish by Firbolg standards, Lin’Chi is an intimidating presence to both faculty and his students alike. He is fond of wearing shirts of miniscule bells and chimes, which make him easily found with quill in hand and book under arm.

Finch (aka James Spink)

Kaha Ki’i Tangata Manu, or Finch to his friends, is a master artist from an ancient Tengu Elfish family deep in the highland forests of Jötunheim. He has traveled far to join the faculty at the Academy of Waitoshi. His specialty is the precise, and finely detailed, skill of painting tiny figurines with arcane pigments. These creations are sought throughout the Seven Corners of Veldon. He keeps an open journal of his experimentation and technique development at Minis by Finch. We highly recommend a perusal for a fun and informative take on this nearly lost Nerdling art.