Midnight Hag, Floating


The Midnight Hag is an elder race of extreme arrogance and capability

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Perhaps the oldest sentient race in the universe, those individuals who remain are vain, paranoid and vile to the core.  Traders of souls and advanced technologies, Midnight Hags (formally known as Shaetemmu) only do business with Outsiders of extreme power and influence  Read More

Name: Midnight Hag, Floating
Product Code: MAERMN01B
Related Names:  Shaetemmu, Grey Ones, Night Hag
Company: Mortal Arrow
Sculptor: Paul Muller
Date Completed: July 5, 2016
Scale: True 28mm
Material: Metal
Size: 38 mm – 40 mm tall
Base Size: 30 mm
Packing: Ziplock Bag
Figures: 1
Pieces: 10
Alternate Pieces: 2 heads, 2 right arms, 2 left hands, 3 accessories
Weight: 1oz

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