Knepf, Ogre


An undead construct of the Midnight Hag known as Mekhet.

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Knepfs are the task masters of the shambling undead hordes of Mekhet the False. Each is raised from a long-deceased humanoid of legendary deeds, and then twisted into an arachnid form.  Grophis was once the ogre Grogrunk the Fat, who lifted the Unmovable Rock releasing the plagues of Anathraxus. Read More

Name: Knepf, Ogre
Product Code: MAUUMN01A
Related Names:  None
Company: Mortal Arrow
Sculptor: Paul Muller
Date Completed: August 24, 2016
Scale: True 28mm
Material: Metal
Size: 42 mm long body
Base Size: Over sized – no standard base included
Packing: Ziplock Bag
Figures: 1
Pieces: 14
Alternate Pieces: 5 right arms, 5 left arms, 1 accessory
Weight: 3 oz

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Weight 2.5 oz