Gas SporeFloating Puffs of Good Fortune

Gas Spores are a curious clade, a stunning natural example of variations on a theme. They come in a dizzying variety, with hundreds of types covering a broad range of sizes, shapes, and unique adaptations. There are Cave Chimes, Glass Bobbins, Floating Flares, Flowers o’ the Depths, Crackle-Orbs, and Spore Tyrants–to name just a few. All are roughly spherical and buoyant, with the ability to ride the subtle air currents that pervade the Depths. Gas Spores float in almost every region of the dark below, hovering in passageways and bobbing along the ceilings of larger caverns. Their unique adaptations have proven to be wildly successful, and they are among the most common fungal creatures of the Depths. Perhaps most intriguing, no scholarly society has yet discovered why they’re so prolific; it’s not entirely clear what they eat, or even if they eat at all…

Read the entire ecology and get the full 5e stat block in Mortal Arrow’s supplemental booklet:

Warren of Vile Fungi: A Guide To Fungal Horrors, Hazards, and Curiosities found in the Depths

Spore Tyrant is in the Bazaar

Crackle Orb is in the Bazaar