Carnivorous MushroomCroc o’ the Deep

It is not only the surface world that has huge predators lying in wait for the unwary. The Carnivorous Mushroom is the crocodile of the Depths. These huge, ambulatory fungi are among the most dangerous ambush predators of the caverns. Full-grown specimens can approach the size of a small cottage, and prey on animals as large as draft horses. These elder individuals have been known to slaughter even something as tough as a Stone Giant warrior. Most moderately-sized communities in the Depths treat patrolling for Carnivorous Mushrooms as a priority, lest their predation cut off travel to other places…

Read the entire ecology and get the full 5e stat block in Mortal Arrow’s supplemental booklet:

Warren of Vile Fungi: A Guide To Fungal Horrors, Hazards, and Curiosities found in the Depths


Carnivorous Mushroom miniature is in the Bazaar