Man-eater BasidirondDread Nursemaids of Ascogenea

Man-eater Basidironds are among the few fungi besides the mysterious Myconids that actually exhibit signs of coherent intelligence. Both alien and terrifying to behold, they strike an irresistible toll to that which has been touched by Ascogenea. Found at the hub of expansive, bio-luminescent fungal groves these Basidironds are its caretakers. As the porous fronds and slimy tendrils of its garden ebb and flow in light and motion, the Man-eater Basidironds deliver crimson honey to the countless moldy lips. These nursemaids of the Demon Queen’s spawn ensure that her progeny grow fat and vile. When a nearby Dark Elf, Grey Dwarf or Derro community hear rumor of a Basidirond rockery, they are sure to send out their most experienced collectors. The sheer number of poisonous and deadly fungi found throughout the garden ensure that any wealthy alchemist can be promised the rarest of components to concoct a unique potion or poison, that is, should the collector survive the expedition…

Read the entire ecology and get the full 5e stat block in Mortal Arrow’s supplemental booklet:

Warren of Vile Fungi: A Guide To Fungal Horrors, Hazards, and Curiosities found in the Depths

Man-eater Basidirond I is in the Bazaar

Man-eater Basidirond II is in the Bazaar

Baby Basidirond is in the Bazaar