AscomoidJuggernaut of the Warrens

Like common toadstools, Ascomoids start their life cycle innocuously. Their saprophytes are long, leathery stalks with sharp, root-like feet; in this form they are sometimes harvested for fiber to make ropes. They grow from animal and humanoid corpses, oft found in the center of a passage or cave where they came to rest. These newborns form the center of fungal “gardens”, as the decomposing corpse nourishes a variety of more common fungi. As in the ocean depths, there are species found in these underground gardens that exist nowhere else. Certain mutualistic animal creatures, too, inhabit these gardens; arthropods, particularly giant species, are very well represented…

Read the entire ecology and get the full 5e stat block in Mortal Arrow’s supplemental booklet:

Warren of Vile Fungi: A Guide To Fungal Horrors, Hazards, and Curiosities found in the Depths

Fellrot Ascomoid miniature is in the Bazaar

Fruiting Ascomoid miniature is in the Bazaar