Hell Slug, Aquatic


A colossal kraken-slug monstrosity that dwells in shallow seaside coves and brackish marshes.

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The terrifying deity Ghaunadaur is known for its countless offspring.  Each is unique and a horror unto itself.  The Aquatic Hell Slug is one such example.  This Daughter of Ghaunadaur dwells around the Bo’Pha Islands and makes a morsel of the Tikki Trolls that rule the tiny archipelago.

Name: Hell Slug, Aquatic
Product Code: MAVVMN07
Related Names: Daughter of Ghaunadaur
Company: Mortal Arrow
Sculptor: Pedro Navarro
Date Completed: November 5, 2016
Scale: True 28mm
Material: Resin
Size: 150mm long and 50mm wide by 90mm tall
Base Size: Over sized – no standard base included
Packing: Ziplock Bag
Figures: 1
Pieces: 2
Alternate Pieces: none
Weight: 2.5 oz

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Weight 2.5 oz