Giant Whiptail Scorpion


Giant Whiptail Scorpions are common to old growth forests.  Their whip-like tails expel a caustic acid capable of neutralizing a charging bull.

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The most feared variety is the Dire Vinegaroon.  These beasts are bred in the giant web-like moon cluster of Queen Khabissol, circling the great burning plant of Gahenna. Read More

Name: Giant Whiptail Scorpion
Product Code: MAVVMN01
Related Names: Dire Vinegaroon, Giant Pedipalp, Giant Uropygid
Company: Mortal Arrow
Sculptor: Pedro Navarro
Date Completed: March 6, 2016
Scale: True 28mm
Material: Metal
Size: 80mm long, 20mm high
Base Size: Over sized – no standard base included
Packing: Ziplock Bag
Figures: 1
Pieces: 4
Alternate Pieces: none
Weight: 3 oz

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Weight 3.1 oz