Playable Statistics

The Scroll of Infinite Souls has a “Playable Stats” chart that is intended to help incorporate these creatures into a gaming environment.  As is the philosophy of Mortal Arrow, we try to stay neutral, while providing enough data to be adaptable to many game systems.  We avoid obvious numerical ratings as this can be confusing, and instead try to keep it naturalistic yet some level of comparison. XXX


Agility is typically considered the ability of a creature to react and maintain balance.  Always applied to evasive maneuvers, it can be surprisingly central to offensive maneuvers as well. Agility does not depend upon conscious thought but rather muscle memory, instinct and intuition. Like all abilities, Agility can improve with instruction and training, but at the foundation of this ability score is the species’ maximum – which is based upon reflex or twitch-effect.  We define this foundational response as the Blink Coefficient and have set it at 1 for an average human’s response time.  Without specialized training, humans with the quickest hand-eye coordination would be in the range of 11 to 12. Humans with the slowest reflexes would be about 7. As is common to many of the physical traits, this places humans in the lower half of the Agility spectrum. It is also important to note that Agility is not a reflection of raw speed, but specifically reaction time and ability to regain equilibrium.

Barnacle Bound, 0 (plants, some mollusks)

Sloth Slow, 1-3 (up to 1/64 Blink Coeff.) (earthworm, shedu, starfish)

Turtle Trundle, 4-6 (up to 1/8 Blink Coeff.) (giants (most), lamassu, mind reaver, netherling, ogre, possum, zombie)

Hound Hustle, 7-9 (up to 1 Blink Coeff.) (dwarf, hobgoblin, human, ocrs (all), skeleton, wolf)

Leopard Lithe 10-12 (up to 8 Blink Coeff.) (bear, djinn-kind (all), elf, firbolg, great wurm, nixie, noble stag, satyr)

Squirrel Scramble, 13-15 (up to 64 Blink Coeff.) (gnome, bat, mature wurm, rabbit, rats (all))

Hummingbird Blur, 16-18 (up to 1,000 Blink Coeff.) (fae, lizard, wurmling)

Damselfly Dart, 19-21 (up to 8,000 Blink Coeff.) (fae-noble, insects (most), mecha-deva)

Divine Flash, 22+ (greater than 8,000 Blink Coeff.) (willo-wisp, technarchon)


Brawn is a measure of physical strength. It does not relate to a creature’s capacity to maintain exertion of force or how quickly the creature can react. Two important points should be considered when looking at this scale. The first is that the scale is an absolute measure of strength and not a relative measure as related to body mass. Thus, an ant whose strength rating may be 18 relative to its weight is only a 1 on this scale. Conversely, a dwarf with 14 strength who is magically enlarged to twice its size will have a rating one higher, or 15. The second point is that the scale is not a linear progression, but a doubling for each numerical rating. Thus a rating of 1 can dead-lift 1 oz., 5 can dead-lift 1 lb, 9 can lift 16 lbs, 13 can lift 256 lbs, 16 can lift 2 tons, 20 can lift 32 tons.  As you can see – it is possible for some creatures to have the strength to move mountains. To put things into perspective, the strongest humans on this scale would be about 15 (without divine or arcane assistance), and a weak human would have a rating of 9.

Becalmed, 0 (sessile creatures, incorporeal, will-o-wisps)

Puny Puff, 1-3 (up to 4 oz.) (insects, other tiny creatures)

Gentle Breeze, 4-6 (up to 2 lbs) (rat, other small animals)

Robust Zephyr, 7-9 (up to 16 lbs) (fae, gnome, mind reaver, netherling)

Strong Wind, 10-12 (up to 128 lbs) (elf, fae-noble, firbolg, giant rat, human, nixie, noble stag, skeleton)

Barbaric Gust, 13-15 (up to 1024 lbs) (bear, common orc, dire rat, dwarf, hobgoblin, lamassu, satyr, shedu, trolls, zombie)

Gigantic Gale, 16-18 (up to 4 tons) (djinn-kind, elephants, mechadeva, ogre, orc commander/cultist, wurmling)

Titanic Typhoon, 19-21 (up to 32 tons) (celestial-mecha, djinn-kind noble, giants (all), mature wurm)

Divine Tornado, 22+ (over 64 tons) (demon lord, ethereal god, great wurm, technarchon)

Difficulty rating

Difficulty is a non-standardized rating related to how formidable an adversary the creature in question could pose in a combat situation. The rating is not only derived from the creature’s ability to wage battle, but also their guile and capacity to engage in tactics that weaken or entrap the party.

Smidgen, <1 (giant rat)

Trifle, 1-2 (common orc, skeleton, zombie)

Easy, 3-5 (dire rat, fae, netherling, wolf)

Moderate, 6-8 (bear, noble stag, troll, ogre, orc commander/cultist)

Tough, 9-11 (djinn-kind, fae noble, mind reaver)

Very Tough, 12-14 (advanced devil, earth/stone giant, lamassu, wurmling)

Formidable, 15-17 (celestial-mecha, djinn-kind noble, iron giant, shedu, true demons)

Grim, 18-20 (arch devil, mature wurm, mecha-deva)

Monstrous, 21-23 (daemon paragon)

Monumental, 24-26 (demondand tyrant, great wurm)

Indomitable, 27-29 (death master, demon lords, technarchon)

Invincible, 30+ (ethereal god)


This physical measure defines a creature’s ability to sustain long physical activity without fatigue.  In most vertebrates there is a trade-off between the level of effort and the time such effort can be maintained. This relationship is not true amongst all creatures; the Endurance rating captures this range. Endurance does not relate to one’s toughness versus poisons, magics or other external assault, as this resistance is more a factor of the creature’s unique physiology and can vary wildly relative to the type of agonist to which they are exposed.  Also, Endurance is often linked to life force, and though there does seem to be some relationship between a creature’s hardiness to absorbing damage and endurance, the correlation is not strong except at the highest and lowest levels. There is no accepted numerical measure of endurance, so for the sake of this scale, we’ve invented one called Energy Capacity.  This represents the size of the reservoir and the access to energy in this pool needed to perform physical activities to survive. On this scale, humans are set at 1.

Expired, 0 (corpse)

Eggshell Skull, 1-3 (up to 1/64 Energy Capacity) (will-o-wisps)

Glass Jaw, 4-6 (up to 1/8 Energy Capacity) (common orc, fae, great wurms, ogre, mind reaver, shedu)

Clay Ribcage, 7-9 (up to 1 Energy Capacity) (elf, fae noble, gnome, human, lamassu, nixie)

Concrete Femur, 10-12 (up to 8 Energy Capacity) (dwarf, firbolg, hobgoblin, mature wurm, orc commander)

Iron Lungs, 13-15 (up to 64 Energy Capacity) (demon-kind (most), djinn-kind, most animals, noble stag, orc cultist)

Mithril Muscles, 16-18 (up to 1,000 Energy Capacity) (giants, mecha-deva, rats (all) troll)

Adamant Heart, 19-21 (up to 8,000 Energy Capacity) (devil-kind, netherling, undead)

Divine Body, 22+ (greater than 8,000 Energy Capacity) (celestial-mecha, mecha-deva, technarchons)


Intellect is a measure of the sheer computational power of a creature’s brain or analogous thought center. At its lower levels, it speaks to a creature’s ability to store and retrieve data.  At higher levels of Intellect it also incorporates the ability to synthesize new, original concepts from existing memories. Simply put, Intellect defines how well a creature learns from its experiences.  An absolute numerical rating for Intellect is difficult to conceive or define at higher levels. To keep things simple, this guide will relate it to a known, if flawed, measure – IQ.  Because IQ is a distribution amongst human subjects, there is already an algorithmic relationship to these numbers. Humans tend to score high in this ability, with IQs ranging up to 300 for extremely rare individuals.

Unthinking, 0 (celestial-mecha, common plants, skeleton, zombie)

Rock Dull, 1-3 (up to 25 IQ) (bear, giant rat, wolf)

Jade Glimmer, 4-6 (up to 50 IQ) (ape, common orc, dolphin, ogre)

Pearl Sheen, 7-9 (up to 75 IQ) (dire rat, elf, fae, giants, orc cultist, satyr, wurmling)

Emerald Bright, 10-12 (up to 100 IQ) (djinn-kind, dwarf, hobgoblin, human, mature wurm, noble stag)

Ruby Brilliance, 13-15 (up to 125 IQ) (fae noble, gnome, great wurm, nixie, lamassu, lesser devil, orc commander, shedu)

Sapphire Radiance, 16-18 (up to 150 IQ) (advanced devil, demon lord, djinn-kind, mecha-deva, mind reaver)

Diamond Bedazzle, 19-21 (up to 300 IQ) (advanced alien species, deamon paragon)

Divine Genius, 22+ (301+ IQ and above) (arch-devils, artificial intelligence, demodand tyrant, technarchon)

Natural Armor

Natural Armor refers to toughness of a creature’s hide, skin or carapace.  It is a composite value related to hardness, thickness, and amount of coverage that its natural skin affords the creature in combat. Natural armor is often linked to the particular type of life form and basic molecular nature of the creature or species in question.  The scale is geometric in progression and can be enhanced by externally-created armor, ability to avoid or deflect blows, and arcane or divine protections.

Jelly Membrane, 0 (slime, ooze)

Papyrus Skin, +1 (human, elf, gnome, mind reaver, netherling, nixie, zombie)

Bark Hide, +3 (bear, dwarf, firbolg, giant rat, hobgoblin, noble stag, satyr, wolf)

Keratin Skin, +6 (dire rat, ogre, troll)

Horn Hide, +10 (earth giant, fae, skeleton)

Enameled Scales, +15 (wurmling, djinn-kind)

Sandstone Hide, +21 (fae noble, lamassu)

Limestone Scales, +28 (djinn-kind noble)

Marble Armoring, +36 (stone giant, shedu)

Iron Scales, +45 (mature wurm, iron giant)

Steel Armoring, +55 (true demon)

Titanium Carapace, +66 (celestial-mecha)

Beryl Scales, +78 (advanced devil, demon lord, great wurm, mecha-deva)

Zirconium Armoring, +91  (daemon paragon)

Corundum Carapace, +105 (arch devil, technarchon)

Diamond Divinity, +120 (demodand tyrant)


Presence refers to a creature’s ability to influence the actions and responses of other creatures. Presence is also related to one’s heart in battle and whether they wilt or rise to the challenge.  It has several components including physical perfection, confidence, and innate understanding of interpersonal communication. It does not require understanding the native language of the race or species in question- but this does improve the response.  At lower levels, Presence can only affect creatures of similar race/nationality. At intermediate levels it can affect throughout the creature’s species and related species.  At the highest levels, Presence is able to affect most species with some modicum of intellect. It should be noted that presence is projected either as positive influence (listed first), or negative influence (listed second). Humans have demonstrated a very broad range of Presence scores, ranging from ineffectual individuals (Dirt Tongued) all the way to valiant leaders (Golden Halo). Presence is an ability score without an underlying numerical rating.

Unnoticed, 0 (celestial-mecha, insects, plants (most), skeletons, small animals, zombies)

Dirt Tongued [Groveling Lackey], 1-3 (bear, giant rat, netherling, troll, wolf)

Lead Tongued [Paper Bully], 4-6 (common orc, dire rat, hobgoblin)

Copper Tongued [Oak Bully], 7-9 (satyr, dwarf, elf, ogre)

Bronze Tongued [Basalt Intimidator], 10-12 (fae, giants, gnomes, human, mind reaver, nixie, orc commander)

Silver Tongued [Obsidian Intimidator], 13-15 (djinn-kind, firbolg, lamassu, lesser devil, orc cultist, noble stag, wurmlings)

Golden Halo [Ferrous Tyrant], 16-18 (kings &queens, djinn noble, fae noble, mature wurms, true demons, shedu)

Platinum Halo [Lead Tyrant], 19-21 (arch devil, great wurm, mecha-deva)

Divine Aura [Unholy Dominator], 22+ (demodand tyrant, demon lord, technarchons)


Spirit refers to the strength of one’s soul.  A soul is innately tethered to an individual’s physical body and resides in the Ethereal universe. All divine magic is channeled through, and enhanced by, a creature’s soul. Those with more powerful souls are better able to draw upon and control this energy. Spirit is an important ability to religious pursuits, whether for good or for evil. It is defined as the amount of energy in one’s soul, or Soul Energy.  The rating is set at 1 for a typical mortal human. Creatures with a weak connection to the divine will have fractional Soul Energy ratings. Priests require higher Soul Energy to call upon divine magic. There are alien races that have close ties to the Ethereal dimension and consequently can perform miraculous actions – but not always for the betterment of others. There are also extraordinarily powerful creatures of the most ancient origin.  These divine species or unique beings have incredible spirit ratings and often a direct link to the Gods of the Ethereal.  Such strong divine bonds, though, imbue those with an unalterable nature – whether good or evil, chaotic or ordered.

Automaton, 0 (celestial-mecha, undead)

Hay Stack, 1-3 (up to 1/128th Soul Energy) (common animals, ogre, troll)

Stick Altar, 4-6 (up to 1/16th Soul Energy) (common orc, giant rat, giants, netherling)

Wooden Temple, 7-9 (up to ½ Soul Energy) (dire rat, elf, gnome, hobgoblin, orc commander)

Stone Church, 10-12 (up to 2 Soul Energy) (human, satyr, firbolg, dwarf, nixie)

Ivory Tower, 13-15 (up to 16 Soul Energy) (fae, human priest, mind reavers, noble stag, orc cultist)

Iron Cathedral, 16-18 (up to 128 Soul Energy) (djinn-kind, daemon paragons, demodand tyrants, fae-noble, lamassu, mind reaver, true demons)

Adamant Monastery, 19-21 (up to 1000 Soul Energy (arch devil, demon lord, djinn-kind noble, mecha-deva, shedu)

Divine Citadel, 22+ (1001+ Soul Energy) (death master, ethereal god, technarchon)


Will is the ability to modulate one’s behavior in view of future consequences. This is an important function for many creatures with a lawful bent and is related to attention, cultural and societal cohesion, long-range planning, and mental flexibility. Those species unable to control base inhibitions typically have poor social structure, which leads to stunted advancement of technology and infrastructure. Those species with very high Will scores are typically seen from the human perspective as oppressive, with little chance for free will or individual creativity. Importantly, those creatures with high Will ratings are better able to resist effects reliant upon mind-control or illusion. Humans tend to exhibit a broad range of Will scores and for humans they are often dependent upon cultural influences. In contrast, many other creatures typically have a narrower range.

Vacuous, 0 (celestial mecha, netherling, skeleton, will-o-wisp, zombie)

Confusing Darkness, 1-3 (up to 1/128th Mental Focus) (animals, giants (most), ogre, troll, true demons, troll)

Distracting Shadow, 4-6 (up to 1/16th Mental Focus) (fae (all), giant rat, orcs)

Trifling Candlelight, 7-9 (up to ½ Mental Focus) (dire rat, elf, satyr)

Blazing Bonfire, 10-12 (up to 2 Mental Focus) (djinn-kind, firbolg, gnomes, human, nixie, noble stag)

Breaking Dawn, 13-15 (up to 16 Mental Focus) (djinn-kind noble, dwarf, hobgoblin, lamassu, shedu)

Dazzling Daylight, 16-18 (up to 128 Mental Focus) (lesser devil, mind reaver)

Searing Sunray, 19-21 (up to 1000 Mental Focus) (advanced devil, death master, mecha-deva)

Divine Super Nova, 22+ (1001+ Mental Focus) (artificial intelligence, arch-devil, ethereal god, technarchon)